Admin UX - Trip Planner Insights Report

As a Trip Organizer,

I want to be able to generate insights reports for quick reference and management decision making.

So that

  • I don't have to manually assess large collections of data to make informed decisions

  • reports update automatically as registrations come in

  • reports update as fields get updated

  • I can add or remove queries as needed to customize my reports.

Examples of standard, customizable reports:

  1. # and list of Travelers on a particular package with the ability to group by package, addon selection, etc)

  2. # and list of Travelers participating in specific events on the itinerary, categorized by type where applicable (e.g. General, VIP, Table Service and gender-specific for e.g. Male Tickets, Female Tickets)

  3. Roommate Register/Sailor Manifest

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5 months ago


Ron Victor

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